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PostSubject: LYRICS & TRANSLATION   Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:22 am


I still have more strength now
when you left the moon smiled at me
it gave its light in a dream
and the night is no longer scared
to be alone and the dream
is back here again.

It's you who's touching,
it's you who's running away
you should know I haven't got a moment
even a minute to wait
and today the sun
is shining for me to go out
to the great sea.

I still have more strength now
just to take it all, it's already written and forgiven
and the heart becomes recovered
and the rain stopped
and then the moon comes back
spring is again arriving,
back again.

It's you who's touching...



Yesh bi od koach achshav
k'shehalachta chiyech li yare'ach
natan et oro bechalom
vehalailah kvar lo mefachedet
levad lihyot vechalom
hineh shuv.

Zeh atah shenoge'a
atah shebore'ach
ted'a ein li reg'a
afilu dakah lechakot
vehashemesh hayom
me'irah li latzet
el hayam hagadol.

Yesh bi od koach achshav
rak tani'ach hakol kvar nichtam venislach
vehalev mitrape
vegashem nifsak
az chozer shuv hayare'ach
ha'aviv shuv magi'a

Zeh atah shenoge'a...
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