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The song "Chalomot Shel Acherim" was awarded Acum's "Achievement of the year" prize for 2010!
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PostSubject: LYRICS & TRANSLATION   Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:32 am


You are my first love

It doesn't mean that I am never
it's just now so wait
and then I will come when the fury passes
and then I will return - when it clears up.

It doesn't mean I'm not thinking
about you every day, every hour
There still isn't any tranquility, any silence
for in every place your figure rises in front of me.

Even if it'd be hard for me to say
words more beautiful than these
even if I didn't find a way to say that I'm yours
know that I love only you
know in my heart I'm always with you
do know that I'm always always with you.

It doesn't mean that it's so and no other way
it's just a storm on a passing day
and then you'll see how when the sun will shine
I will return to you from the rainy day.



Tu hai mera pyaar pehla

Zeh lo omer she'ani lo af pa'am
zeh rak achshav az techakeh
ve'az avo k'sheya'avor haza'am
va'az ech'zor - k'sheyitbaher.

Zeh lo omer she'ani lo choshevet
aleicha bechol yom, kol sha'ah
adain ein shalvah ve'ein et hasheket
ki bechol makom olah muli d'mutcha.

Gam im kasheh li lehagid
milim yafot me'eleh
gam im lo matzati derech lehagid, shelcha
ted'a lach'shov she'rak otcha ani ohevet
ted'a balev ani tamid itcha
ted'a ani tamid tamid itcha.

Zeh lo omer she'kach ve'ein acheret
zo rak sufah beyom cholef
ve'az tir'eh ech k'shetizrach hashemesh
ashuv eleicha min hageshem hashotef.
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