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PostSubject: LYRICS & TRANSLATION   Sat Dec 26, 2009 2:35 am


Each moment that's left - an old memory
and all that's forgotten with the years
all that's already passed
will you remember us
will you know? You're there among everyone.

Each letter that's not written
all that is said
in each sign that is revealed to me
and says - you
the morning that rises, a leaf falls off,
the moon in the window.

Of all the loves to dream
I requested you for me
will you hear my voice calling to you,
will you know?
Will you remember the beautiful silences
the whisper of our voice, touch of your hand.

Of all the loves to dream
I requested you for me
you are far from me and my heart misses you
and I didn't ask anything for me
but to be yours,
aside from being with you.



Kol reg'a shenish'ar - zikaron yashan
vekol mah shenishkach im hashanim
kol shek'var avar
ha'im tizkor otanu
ha'im ted'a? Atah sham bekulam.

Kol michtav she'lo nichtav
kol shene'emar
bechol siman asher negaleh elai
ve'omer otcha
haboker she'oleh, aleh nosher,
yare'ach bachalon.

Mi kol ha'ahavot she'yesh lach'lom
bikashti li otcha
ha'im tishm'a koli kore lecha,
ha'im ted'a?
Ha'im tizkor shtikot yafot
et lechashat kolcha, et mag'a yadcha.

Mikol ha'ahavot she'yesh lach'lom
bikashti li otcha
atah rachok mimeni velibi chaser otcha
velo bikashti li davar
milvad lihyot shelcha,
milvad lihyot itcha.
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