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PostSubject: LYRICS & TRANSLATION   Sat Dec 26, 2009 12:02 pm


For in the nights your sleep wanders
And every dream is of terror
So tilt your ears to quiet
All grace and pity
Will rise, here it comes

Because your soul is kept for him
Indeed the hour is close
until robbed in your arms
he will fall at the end of the road
When they return to their borders

Just refrain your voice from crying
And your eyes from a tear
Because the gate will open
and he will come storming through
When they return to their borders

Up to the streams of water
Through what is left of your strength
If he will return us then we will return
Refrain your voice from crying
There is hope for your end



Ki baleilot sh'natech nodedet
Vechol chalom hu lemora
Teti az et oznech lasheket
Kol chesed rachamim
Od ya'aleh hineh hu ba

Ki bishvilo nafshech nishmeret
Harei k'reva hi hasha'ah
Ad sheshadud bizr'ootayich
Yipol besof haderech
Ksheyashuvu lig'vulam

Rak mini kolech mibechi
Ve'einayich midim'ah
Ki hasha'ar yipatach lo
Veyavo bo bise'arah
Ksheyashuvu lig'vulam

Ad el nachalei hamayim
Derech she'erit kochech
Im yashivenu az nashuva
Mini kolrch mibechi
Yesh tikva la'achritech


NOTE: Based on chapter 31 of Jeremiah

Composer Idan Reichel was inspired by a lecture by Rabbi Israel Lau about Rachel Imenu crying over her sons who have gone to war and haven't come back yet. The song is dedicated to Gil'ad Shalit who has at this time of writing been held in captivity by Hamas for over 1000 days.
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